Sep 22

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3 Reasons Why Brexit Will Not Affect IT

Since the Brexit vote, UK’s vital services sector enjoyed a productive summer: consumer tenacity has bounced back, retail sales are up and the housing market has persisted stable. It looks to be obvious that Brexit will drive new requirements in a number of areas where IT can play a key enabling role getting benefits in three specific sectors: effective border security management; secure sharing of information between UK and UEincrease cooperation with countries outside the UE.


BORDER SECURITY – The recent post-Brexit challenge of protect formerly open borders is going to create a perfect storm in border security. Most travellers present no menace, so border-control technology can help immigration authorities direct their budget and knowledge on carefully analyse those visitors who need more scrutiny while reducing delays for those who do not. The authorities can do this by matching travellers and their passports against a database of previously vetted trusted travellers who are siphoned off for fast-track processing. The same process can match travellers against watch-lists of suspect individuals to alert authorities if additional reviews are required.

DATA CENTRES – Authorities can analyse statistics on travellers’ behaviour at specific crossings and allocate the resources required to handle the changing volumes at the right time. Border security is not just about passport control in airports or train stations. However, the more complex inter agency relationship post-Brexit will require increased analysis of the agencies’ mutual ability to share data securely. IT will play a core role as part of security policies and technology. Those approaches not only help prevent attacks and users can confidently share data with others who need to know.

COOPERATION WITH OTHER COUNTRIES – A high-ranking British diplomat said recently that annual trade between South Africa and the UK valued at about £10-billion was not only expected to be kept, but that Britain reckon it would increase. Given the number of other technology companies based all around the world, it is reasonable to say that Brexit could create an advantage not just for the IT industry worldwide, but for IT providers based in other countries.


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