Nov 23

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The Data Centre Transformation

Business development and technology progress during the last ten years have driven a profound transformation in the way data centres are organised and governed. Virtualization, architecture based upon the use of services, big data, and cloud are some of the determinant factors leading organisations to fully reconsider the way they take care of the applications, data, security, and access that are considered their crucial IT capabilities.


The extensive embracement of virtualization in the data centre has led to extremely complicated workload administration, particularly when it comes to the network. As new applications are combined, network elaboration increases rapidly until service delivery is restricted and the customer experience quality reduced. These kinds of actions often results in a significant transformation of the data centre, both physical (servers, cooling, power and so on) and logical (software, databases, applications), with a special importance given to virtualization.

However, making these changes requires a comprehensive knowledge because an insufficiently designed or scarce data centre network may threaten several advantages expected from a data centre transformation project. When we talk about data centre transformation, we refer to the environment or architecture subjected to a change. This has different associations from a data centre migration, since transformation results in a diverse, improved architecture model once it is concluded. In both cases, the customer journey needs to be constructed with an introductory assessment which can then be used to educate both migration and transformation steps.


CERTIFICATIONS – As the demand for IT professionals with data centre virtualisation skills increases, it is essential to distinguish yourself in the market with a certification that validates your technical capabilities. Earning a VMware certification will help you stand out from other applicants. At 360 GSP, with our VMware vSphere training you will be able to Install, Configure, and Manage VMware vSphere. This course prepares you to administer a vSphere infrastructure for an organisation of any size and forms the foundation for most other VMware technologies in the software-defined data centre.

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