May 20

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The meaning of Citrix alliance with Cisco

Citrix innovation-driven alliance with Cisco will enable digital business transformation,” Citrix claimed in a recent post published in their official blog.

Well, actually it is interesting to shine the spotlight on and find out more about Citrix innovation-driven alliance with Cisco. First of all, their goal is enable digital business transformation.


Cisco’s leadership in connecting people, process, data, and things, combined with Citrix leadership in secure delivery of apps and data should help to create a better-together, technology-driven value for customers on the digital journey to transform their business and empower the modern workforce.

Their aim is to join their forces to deliver comprehensive solutions based on validated designs tailored to specific customer delivery models and use cases like Delivering Business Agility through Datacenter Automation, Application and Desktop Virtualization with DaaS Cloud Services, and Mobility.

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Recently, we saw a shift in marketing as social media grew and became an integral part of the way business got done. Integrating old ways of marketing with these technologies will help customers on the journey to digital business transformation.

In this regard, the partnership between Citrix and Cisco will be a technology-driven innovation and solid presence.

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