May 27

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Microsoft Certification Booster Pack: make your life easier

Everybody knows that attain a Microsoft certification can give your career a boost and a little extra chance for success in the IT avenue. However, they can be expensive, especially if at times you fail an exam along the way.

For this reason, Microsoft issued the new Booster Pack that gives you more options and better odds at your Microsoft Certification exam. From practice tests to retake opportunities, you choose what you need to help you succeed. This special offer, that will be available for purchase until August 2016, is a high-value, deeply discounted combination of an exam voucher, practice test, and/or exam retakes.

Booster pack

There are 3 Booster Pack options designed to give you choices based on your preferences:

  • A practice test and an MCP exam voucher. It is accessible online and valid for 30 days from activation, so you will have plenty of time to prepare.
  • An MCP exam voucher and four retakes that will largely increase your chances of success.
  • A practice test, an MCP exam voucher, and four retakes. So, you will spend quality time preparing and have no stress because you will have more chances to pass the exams.


This is a worldwide offer that apply to the MCSA, MCSE, MCSD and Microsoft Specialist certifications and to Microsoft Dynamics exams. In the Booster Pack option that contains an MCP exam voucher and retakes, you get four exam retakes, for a total of five attempts at passing your MCP exam. Moreover, where online-invigilated exams are available, they can be taken with the exam voucher in a Booster Pack.

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