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How IT qualifications affect pay rates

The XpertHR Computer Staff Salary Survey is the largest UK salary survey for computer staff and has been issued regularly since 1968. It includes the CEL index and is recognised by the SFIA. Based on salary data from 195 companies on 66,786 individual employees, the survey includes basic pay rates and bonus payments. Salary tables can be explored by location and job function to provide precise pay data for particular IT roles and since all the dossier comes straight from corporation payrolls, it is solid and trustworthy.


This survey is published two times per year and displays how pay rates are influenced by IT qualifications and key abilities. The current data, released in June 2016, starts with the average salary for an entry level position in IT – £18k per annum. Entry-level positions are designed to give you the experience you may need for working in a specific industry. Once you have gained the required certifications and experience you may be able to move to a mid-level position that, according to the survey, includes a pay rate that ranges between 21k and 50k a year.


When you will have sufficient experience to begin a management position you will work closely with other experienced technologists as well as the Directors of the business on a range of infrastructure initiatives, covering telephony, networking, Active Directory, SQL and VMWare, with an income of 54k/82k each year.

IT function head is a person who has management authority over the entire department within a business, company, or other organisation. They have ongoing responsibilities, ensuring that goals and objectives align with the organisation’s comprehensive strategy and vision and they are paid quite a lot (between 81k and 128k a year).

IT director is the best paid position according to the survey. They earn between 120k and 176k a year. At this stage of their career, most of their work is not technical – it is basically related to communication, planning, and strategy. However, individuals employed as IT directors have to improve their knowledge, skills and advancement opportunities by looking for continuing education. Chief information officer and IT management graduate certificate programmes, as well as certificate programmes in project management, are also available.


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