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Nov 23

The Data Centre Transformation

Business development and technology progress during the last ten years have driven a profound transformation in the way data centres are organised and governed. Virtualization, architecture based upon the use of services, big data, and cloud are some of the determinant factors leading organisations to fully reconsider the way they take care of the applications, …

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Aug 08

Cisco reveals new data centre for hybrid cloud

Cisco has released some new data centre technology innovations in three key fields: networking, hyperconverged infrastructure, and hybrid cloud orchestration which will facilitate application-centric hybrid cloud deployments. The new switching platforms contribute the scale, telemetry, security, and performance required for distributed containers and microservices, as well as the lossless traffic required for IP storage and hyperconverged infrastructure. The HyperFlex series makes a …

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Jul 28

UK: 163,000 jobs available for digital specialists

There is a huge lack in digital professionals, especially in London and the South East, according to the latest Tech Partnership Fact Sheet, published few weeks ago and available here. If we analyse 2015 there were an average of 163,000 vacancies for digital specialists advertised across the country. The result of this was a shortage of ‘ready candidates’ in London. In reality, there were …

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Jun 22

Network Engineer: all you need to know

Employment trend watchers have been pinpointing the sectors where jobs are going to increase forever. Among the high demand occupations identified by their reports, network engineers request is projected to grow 15 per cent in the next ten years, much faster than the average for all occupations. Network engineers work with a company’s computer network, …

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May 20

The meaning of Citrix alliance with Cisco

“Citrix innovation-driven alliance with Cisco will enable digital business transformation,” Citrix claimed in a recent post published in their official blog. Well, actually it is interesting to shine the spotlight on and find out more about Citrix innovation-driven alliance with Cisco. First of all, their goal is enable digital business transformation. Cisco’s leadership in connecting …

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May 18

Cisco issues new patches

There is good news for Cisco users. The American multinational technology company has just released new patches of interest to users of its Adaptive Security Appliances (ASAs). The two newly-announced bugs are CVE-2016-1379 and and CVE-2016-1385. The first one is a VPN block memory exhaustion vulnerability; the second one regards a problem with the ASA …

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