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Jan 05

The ‘Hottest’, most in-demand IT Skills for 2017

2017 is shaping up to be a great time be employed in the IT sector. The industry’s unemployment is low in comparison to other industries (between 2%-3%) and there are abundant opportunities for both IT professionals who are looking to ‘level up’ in their careers and for people who are looking to make a start …

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Dec 09

Why Microsoft’s Azure keeps attracting the IT industry

Microsoft Azure has been developing quickly ever since its release date, as it closes the gap with longtime industry leader Amazon Web Services and more distinguishes itself from competitors such as Google, IBM and RackSpace. Furthermore, according to Microsoft Investor Relations Q1 2017 the run rate for Azure linked with Office 365 and Dynamics CRM online is …

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Dec 01

Women in IT: Ways to Close the Gender Gap

Nowadays, equal opportunity is unthinkable without equal challenge. It is also a fact, however, we now have fewer women working in male-dominated industries such as IT, despite a variety of programmes and political correctness. In reality, since the beginning children are treated differently. While boys are playing with Lego sets, girls received dolls. This trend continues until …

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Nov 10

What Donald Trump’s election could mean for IT

As Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States, attention is moving to how his policies will perform over his four, maybe eight-year spell in Washington. Trump has never been an IT pro, but what follows are some of the actions we can expect from his presidency. CYBERSECURITY & ENCRYPTION – With Trump’s victory, it is not …

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Nov 07

Changing Career into IT: 360 GSP Commitment

Nowadays, more and more people are unsatisfied with their current job and IT is worth considering for a wide range of reasons. IT is a high growth, high skill, rapidly changing and well-paid occupation that touches every area of the economy. However, switch careers is stressful, but not impossible and starting a new job takes an incredible amount …

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Oct 17

360 GSP Blog Awards – Top 50 Blogs in IT

At 360 GSP we want to offer the best experience for our students and ensure they achieve their goals. For this reason, we aim to provide a supportive atmosphere for the development of knowledge, our instructors really have decades of collective experience, a passion for working with students, and for making tuition exciting, and transformative. …

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Oct 11

Women in IT: 360 GSP commitment

IT and digital jobs are gender-neutral in nature and the employers do not differentiate between male and female while employing them. However, only 17% of IT professionals in the UK are women, but more and more female quotas are needed in the technology sector to fill the skills gap. The problem is particularly acute in technology-focused professions, where it is …

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Sep 21

How IT improved Customer Service

Today, customer service is a key factor in any business growth, because whenever a customer is well served, they will advertise the business and this will result into a quick business growth. For this reason, all the leading firms across Europe are harnessing IT to cultivate customer service as a valuable asset to achieve strategic superiority. …

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Sep 15

IT technical support: all you need to know

Today, organisations increasingly depend on computer systems in all areas of their processes. Thus, customers and users need the IT staff to keep their servers and network infrastructure operational.  IT help desk is not just about turning computers on and off, it is much more than that: this job requires a huge amount of technical expertise combined with a dedication …

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Sep 12

The role of IT in education

The pace of change brought about by IT and new technologies has had a important result on the way people live, work, and enjoy their free time. IT is also challenging the traditional process of teaching and learning, and the way education is managed. Basically, IT is having a major impact across all curriculum areas and the reason is …

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