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Sep 02

Windows 10 arrives for your…fridge!

Windows 10 was released for PCs and tablets one month ago and has been launched yesterday on a smart refrigerator. In fact, LG has used the IFA 2016 show in Germany to disclose its new fridge that comes with a 21.5-inch touchscreen powered by Windows 10. The new device is called LG Smart Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator and will available for purchase …

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Aug 17

A Journey in the Undeground IT system

The London Underground handles up to 4.8 million passenger journeys per day and is about to join a select group of global cities offering all-night underground travel with the launch of the Night Tube, scheduled to finally start running on the Victoria and Central line tomorrow. However, not many commuters know how Rapid transit works. Usually, underground also known …

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Jul 21

Pokémon Go: privacy and security concerns

Pokémon Go has taken over the world. The free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game has been developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices and has been released at the beginning of this month. However, recent reports claimed that some users who downloaded the app were unknowingly handing over the keys to broad information from their Google …

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Jul 19

Atomic data-storage will pack information into a smaller space

Cloud storage is convenient and cost-effective, but is not enough: Dutch scientists have developed rewritable memory that stores information in the positions of individual chlorine atoms on a copper surface. The information storage density is two to three orders of magnitude beyond current hard disk or flash technology. With each bit of data represented by the position …

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May 23

Motorola set the return of iconic Razr flip phone

Do you remember Motorola Razr V3? The thinnest, lightest and coolest phone on the market before iPhone release. Back in 2004, it was a fashion icon, a revolutionary design in comparison with their fiercest competitors: the short and thick Nokias. Now, after 12 years, it looks like the Lenovo-owned brand is ready to going back to …

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May 20

YouTube? British artists earn more from Vinyls

Digital lovers believe that music streaming services like YouTube revolutionised the music industry, offering a legal alternative to file sharing that compensates musicians for use of their digital music. However, the revolution has a dark side. According to the Guardian, resurgent sales of music on vinyl generated more income for UK artists than YouTube last …

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May 19

Android Instant: the new Apps revolution

Apps are often more convenient than their desktop counterparts when we are surfing the Internet with our smartphone. The only problem is having the bandwidth to install them when we need them. However, Google yesterday announced something that will change our life for the good by offering developers the opportunity to make a modular version of their …

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May 12

Transformer Book Flip TP200SA: the new hybrid laptop from Asus

If you are looking for a laptop-tablet hybrid with the option to flip the screen around the full 360 degrees the Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA looks perfect for you. It is a decent device considering its price (just £200), but we need to take into consideration some disadvantages: this is not a machine built …

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May 10

Samsung Galaxy J3: reasons of success for a budget smartphone

Samsung soars on high demand for Galaxy J3, an excellent low-cost handset released last January. The build quality looks quite simple with bland, matte plastic everywhere you look. However, it is definitely well made. The case is solid and robust-feeling and it does not bend unduly. Moreover, all the buttons depress with a solid click. …

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May 09

Apple Watch 2: rumours have begun before its September release

The Apple Watch 2 will be released next Autumn and the Cupertino based company is planning to fix a few annoying problems with the first Watch. The first Watch was open by Apple fans and tech-savvy consumers, but now Apple wants to target a much broader audience. Alongside new features like more clock faces and a …

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