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Women in IT: Ways to Close the Gender Gap

Nowadays, equal opportunity is unthinkable without equal challenge. It is also a fact, however, we now have fewer women working in male-dominated industries such as IT, despite a variety of programmes and political correctness.


In reality, since the beginning children are treated differently. While boys are playing with Lego sets, girls received dolls. This trend continues until the university when the general public tries to convince girls that IT is too difficult for them, even when they show interests and inclination in maths and science.

Then, at work the more challenging technical problems are usually assigned to men, allowing them to rise to the challenge. Why? Are women and men not equally skilled? Nothing could be further from the truth, because studies have shown that women have some advantages over men in tech, such as attention to detail, they are multi-skilled, opportunity experts, and natural givers. Not to mention that women are generally more emotionally motivated at work.


In the past, IT jobs were viewed as populated by men in basements, but in today’s world, those views are officially ended: technology careers are interesting and women are keen on it.

However, according to Forbes the number of female CIOs is still low – around 9%. Something is definitely not working, in a period when girls include about 46% of the advanced placement calculus test takers, but only 80% of them do not end up taking a computer science class, clearly something is not working.

Several initiatives are trying to reverse this trend, such as Shine The Light, an international campaign that encourages people to boost the profile of incredible women around the world who are pushing boundaries using technology.


At 360 GSP we are committed to driving gender diversity in the workplace and we believe that when women are supported, encouraged, and funded to lead, they always excel. This is why you should think about a career in IT. To get more information you can visit our website to find out more about 360 GSP IT Training and Courses and contact us today on 020 8672 4151 or hello@360gsp.com.

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