Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching

Professional Training

CCNA Routing and Switching (R&S) is renowned in the computer networking world as the go to certification for aspiring Network engineers seeking a solid foundation of Internet Protocol Versions 4 – 6 (commonly known as IPv4 and IPv6) networks.

Cisco CCNA R&S is an entry level networking certification designed to Introduce attendees with concepts such installation, configuration of LAN switches & IP Routers with WAN connectivity, fundamental of networking & basic security identification.

With Cisco CCNA’s knowledge, candidates build on well-established elements such as Quality of Service (QoS), Protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF and start developing key skills such as analysing, Installing and troubleshooting. These together with Virtualization, cloud and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) understanding provide a perfect blend of transferable skills to attendees in today’s fast moving IT technologies.

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5 days

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Who should attend

IT Professionals

IT professionals working as:

• Junior/Associate Network Engineer
• Support/Field Network Engineers
• Network Administrators

Career Changers

Career changers who can use CCNA R&S as a stepping stone towards a Career in Networking, IT Security and Hybrid Cloud.

Aspiring to work in IT

Anyone hoping to gain a world-renowned  certification in Networking for entry level roles.



Although anyone can take this course, it is a technical Cisco course and requires:

  • Computer literacy
  • Knowledge of PC operating systems
  • Basic IP addressing skills
  • An understanding of network fundamentals



We strongly believe in classroom delivery and would present the course over 5 days, by a leading Cisco Trainer.

The training is from 9.30am to 5.30pm every day, and you will be provided with Cisco courseware and labs to enable to you to practice during and after the course, until you are ready to complete your exam.


Cisco CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 is 90 minutes long and consists of 60-70 multiple choice, multiple answer and in some instance simulation questions.

Price: £292.80 (subject to price change & currency exchange).

Module Overview

Building a Simple Network

Exploring the Functions of Networking

Understanding the Host-to-Host Communications Model

Introducing LANs

Operating Cisco IOS Software

Starting a Switch

Understanding Ethernet and Switch Operation

Troubleshooting Common Switch Media Issues

Establishing Internet Connectivity

Understanding the TCP/IP Internet Layer

Understanding IP Addressing and Subnets

Understanding the TCP/IP Transport Layer

Exploring the Functions of Routing

Configuring a Cisco Router

Exploring the Packet Delivery Process

Enabling Static Routing

Learning Basics of ACL

Enabling Internet Connectivity

Implementing Scalabale Medium-Sized Networks

Implementing and Troubleshooting VLANs and Trunks

Building Redundant and Switched Topologies

Improving Redundant Switched Topologies with


Routing Between VLANs

Using a Cisco IOS Network Device as a DHCP Servcer

Understanding Layer 3 Redundancy

Implementing RIPv2

Introducing IPv6

Introducing Basic IPv6

Understanding IPv6 Operation

Configuring IPv6 Static Routes

Troubleshooting Basic Connectivity

Troubleshooting IPv4 Network Connectivity

Implementing Network Device Security

Securing Administrative Access

Implementing Device Hardening

Implementing Advance Security

Implementing an EIGRP-Based Solution

Implementing EIGRP

Implementing EIGRP for IPv6

Troubleshooting EIGRP

Implementing a Scalable OSPF-Based Solution

Understanding OSPF

Multiarea OSPF IPv4 Implementation

Implementing OSPFv3 for IPv6

Implementing Wide Area Networks

Understanding WAN Technologies

Understanding Point-to-Point Protocols

Configuring GRE Tunnels

Configuring Single-Homed EBGP

Network Device Management

Implementing Basic Network Device Management

Evolution of Intelligent Networks

Introducing QoS

Managing Cisco Devices


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