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Our cloud computing courses will be the beginning of your cloud career. Here is why! 

Why Cloud

Individuals possessing Cloud Computing expertise are in extremely high demand and currently command some of the highest salaries in IT. 

cloud computing courses

Career Prospects

As well as excellent earning potential, a Cloud Computing career offers a wide range of opportunities for professional development. 

cloud computing courses

Cloud Computing Courses Certification

Obtaining professional Cloud Computing certifications will position you as a standout candidate by validating your skills and experience.

cloud computing courses

Why 360GSP

Our wide range of hands-on training programmes have been keeping professionals ahead of the technology curve for over 15 years.

The popularity of cloud computing has soared over the past few years. From start-ups to multinational corporations, businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure for their applications, software and infrastructure.

This trend is unlikely to slow down anytime soon so the demand for individuals possessing cloud expertise is expected to only grow. According to a recent study, the cloud computing market has the potential to generate a mammoth 2.5 million jobs by 2020.

It is therefore a great time to validate your credibility as a cloud computing expert by obtaining industry-recognised certifications. Whether you are hoping to move into cloud computing or build on your existing skillset, there are a wide range of cloud computing courses to choose from, requiring varying levels of expertise.

Amazon, Microsoft and Google all offer their own role-based certification pathways for cloud professionals whether you are an aspiring Cloud Practitioner, Architect or Developer. What is right for you will depend on your previous experience and future career goals.

With the demand for cloud computing experts continuing to outstrip supply by a wide margin, obtaining the right certifications can seriously enhance your earning potential.

In fact, a 2018 salary survey found cloud computing certifications to be among the highest-paying IT qualifications around. AWS Certified Developers are said to currently be earning upwards of £80,000 while AWS Certified Solutions Architects can apparently make more than £90,000 per year.

Our training programmes have been keeping individuals and businesses ahead of the technology curve for over 15 years.

We strongly believe that instructor-led training is, and always will be, the most effective way to learn new skills. This means our professional cloud courses are largely classroom-based, delivered by fully-qualified instructor with considerable industry experience.

You will not only receive the training necessary to successfully pass your exams but also complete a range of hands-on exercises and labs, preparing you to put your new skills to good use immediately after becoming certified.

Cloud computing is a fast-paced and constantly evolving field. That’s why we rely on expert feedback as well as our own industry research to ensure the training that we provide remains up to date and in line with employer demands.

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