CompTIA Network+

Professional Training

CompTIA Network+ course  will teach you the essential skills and knowledge to configure, design, manage, and troubleshoot wired and wireless networks. In our CompTIA Network+ course you will face challenges which are part of real life situations in Cyber Security. You will also improve your networking skills and kick start a new career.

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5 days

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Who should attend at CompTIA Network+ Course

IT Professionals

IT professionals willing to learn more about networking

Career Changers

Career changers who have basic computer knowledge and are looking towards a Career in Networking and IT Security

Aspiring to work in IT

Anyone hoping to gain a world-renowned certification in Networking for entry level roles


Although anyone can take this course, it is a technical  and requires:

  • Computer literacy
  • Knowledge of PC operating systems


We strongly believe in classroom delivery and would present the course over 5 days, by a leading CompTIA Trainer.

CompTIA Network+ Course is from 9.30am to 5.30pm every day, and you will be provided with CompTIA courseware and labs to enable to you to practice during and after the course, until you are ready to complete your exam.


N10-007 is 90 minutes long and consists of 90 multiple choice, multiple answer and in some instance simulation questions. Price: $319 (subject to price change & currency exchange).

CompTIA Network+ Course Overview

Network Theory

Network types

Network standards and the OSI Model

Data Transmission Methods

Bounded Network Media

Copper Media

Fibre Optic Media

Bounded Network Media Installation

Unbounded Network Media

Wireless Networking

Wireless Network Devices and Components

Implement Wireless Technology

Internet of Things

Network Impementations

Physical Network Topologies

Logical Network Topologies

Ethernet Networks

Network devices

TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery

The TCP/IP protocol Suite

IPv4 Addressing

Default IP Addressing Schemes

Create Custom IP Addressing Schemes

IPv6 Addressing

Routing and Switching


Network Packet Routing

Static and Dynamic IP Routing


TCP/IP Implementation

Configure IP Addresses

Naming Services

TCP/IP Utilities

Common TCP/IP Protocols

Network Security Analysis

Introduction to Network Security

Network Security Policies

Physical Security

Common Network Attacks

Network Security Implementation


Access Control

Port, Service, and Protocol Security

Patches and Updates

Mitigation Techniques

WAN Infrastructure

WAN Basics

WAN Connectivity Methods

WAN Transmission Technologies


Cloud and Virtualisation Techniques

Virtualisation Technologies

Network Storage Technologies

Cloud Computing

Remote Networking

Remote Network Architectures

Remote Access Network Implementations

Virtual Private Networking

Network Management

Monitor Networks

Document the Network

Establish Baselines

Optimize Network Performance

Ensure Business Continuity

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