Digital Marketing Courses

Why Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing sector continues to be one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing industries around with almost unlimited potential.

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Career Prospects

Digital Marketing is a career path with considerable earning opportunities and excellent prospects for professional growth.

cloud computing courses

Industry Certificates

Obtaining professional Digital Marketing certifications validates the skills and expertise employers are desperately seeking.

cloud computing courses

Why 360GSP

Our wide range of hands-on training programmes have been keeping professionals ahead of the technology curve for over 15 years.

The digital marketing sector has enjoyed enormous growth in recent years due to the rapid rise of things like social media, smartphones and mobile applications. This has resulted in a skills gap for businesses, big and small, who are struggling to stay on top of the new marketing tools and techniques at their disposal.

Now more than ever, employers are looking for talented individuals who understand the wider aspects of digital marketing and not just the basics. Standout candidates will possess the essential skills and knowledge needed to develop, implement and manage advanced digital strategies.

Obtaining a professional certification in digital marketing will provide you with this and simultaneously put you on a career path with considerable earning potential. The demand for digital marketing professionals is currently outstripping supply. This means individuals possessing the relevant skills and experience are often able to command very competitive salaries – even in entry-level positions, which can pay anything from £23,000 to £32,000.

Salaries only increase with experience and specialisation. The average salary for an SEO Manager for example, currently stands at around £35,000 while a Head of Digital Marketing can now earn £80,000 at the right company.

Our training programmes have been keeping individuals and businesses ahead of the technology curve for over 15 years.

We strongly believe that instructor-led training is, and always will be, the most effective way to learn new skills. This means our professional Digital Marketing courses are largely classroom-based, delivered by fully-qualified instructor with considerable industry experience.

You will not only receive the training necessary to successfully pass your exams but also complete a range of hands-on exercises, preparing you to put your new skills to good use immediately after becoming certified.

Digital Marketing is a fast-paced and constantly evolving field. That’s why we rely on expert feedback as well as our own industry research to ensure the training we provide remains up to date and in line with employer demands.

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