Paid Marketing in a Weekend

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This course has been designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to develop intelligent paid marketing campaigns that hit objectives and drive results. You will gain a strong understanding of exactly how paid advertising works and audience targeting, enabling you to prepare adverts for Facebook, Instagram and pay-per-click campaigns. On successful completion of this course you will also know how to interpret results in order to optimise and improve campaigns based on your individual objectives.

Professional diploma in digital marketing

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Who should attend

Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing professionals looking to improve their knowledge of paid advertising in order to specialise or advance their career in general.

Business Owners

Business owners hoping to get the best out of paid advertising and see measurable results without the cost of outsourcing to an agency.

People who have an interest in…

Anyone interested in learning about paid advertising and developing effective campaigns. 


During this course you will learn everything you need to know from a beginner level so previous experience or a background in a related field is not required.

The only prerequisite is an interest in planning and implementing paid advertising campaigns as well as a strong willingness to learn.

Whether you are completely new to paid advertising, someone who already knows a little and wants to learn more, or a business owner hoping to improve your marketing efforts, these skills will open new doors and prepare you to advance your career.


We strongly believe interaction with a qualified instructor is essential when learning new skills. That’s why this course is classroom-based with hands-on training delivered over an intensive weekend programme.


You are not required to sit a formal exam but during this course you will complete a range of practical exercises to cement your new knowledge and skills.

Module Overview

This module will provide you with a foundational understanding of paid advertising and how it works.
Paid Social
During this module you will learn how to put together adverts for Facebook and Instagram.
During this module you will gain the knowledge and skills to prepare adverts for pay-per-click campaigns.
Audience Targeting
This module will provide you with the skills to ensure your adverts are targeting the right people in the right places.
During this module you will learn how to interpret results in order to optimise and improve your paid advertising campaigns.
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