WordPress course in 2 Days

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On this WordPress course, you’ll build a website from scratch in just two days. You will develop a strong understanding of best practices and learn how to add functionality to your website including email capture, booking forms, contact forms, payment options and more.

In addition, you’ll also optimise your website to appear higher in Google and link your website to Google Analytics, enabling you to monitor and improve performance to achieve the best results.

Website in 2 Days

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Who should attend

Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing professionals looking to take their website skills to the next level.

Business Owners

Business owners hoping to improve their online presence with a well-designed and SEO optimized website without the cost of outsourcing to an agency.

People who have an interest in…

Anyone wanting to learn how to build a website from scratch, be it for their career or as a hobby. 


During this WordPress Training Course you will learn everything you need to build a WordPress website from scratch so previous experience is not essential. 

The only prerequisite to this course is an interest in website building and a strong willingness to learn new skills over an intensive two-day programme.

Whether you are a complete beginner, someone who already knows a little and wants to learn more, or a business owner hoping to improve your online presence, completing this course will open new doors and help to advance your career.


We strongly believe interaction with a qualified instructor is essential when learning new skills. That’s why this course is classroom-based with training delivered over two days.


There is no formal exam but on successful completion of this course you will have built a WordPress website from scratch and be able to make ongoing changes that are in line with best practices.

2019 WordPress Course Dates

5th & 6th August – Hammersmith

10th & 11th August – London Bridge

9th & 10th September – Hammersmith

2nd & 3rd November – London Bridge

WordPress training Overview

Website Optimisation
Learn about what makes a great website, get some top design tips and understand the 10 key steps to build a website.
Setup, Themes & Plugins
Learn how to set up your website correctly, how to update the overall look and feel and how to add functionality to your site.
Learn how to customise your site, including adding a logo, updating the navigation, adding sidebars, footers and more.
Email Integration
Learn how to integrate MailChimp, a popular email platform, allowing you to capture email addresses online.
Design Beautiful Pages
Learn how to use Elementor, a powerful page builder that will enable you to create beautifully designed pages tailored to you.
WooCommerce Online Shop
Sell your products or services through an online shop. Manage stock, pricing, offers, coupons, shipping, refunds and more.
Online Forms
Create customisable forms, allowing you to capture information such as contact details, customer service messages and more.
Bookings & Backups
Learn how to take bookings for multiple servies through Calendly, and how to back up your website so your hard work isn’t lost.
Search Engine Optimisation
Learn how to get your site to the top of Google, and set yourself up on essential tools like Google Search Console.
Google Analytics
Understand how to measure success and install Google Analytics to gain great insights and improve performance.
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