Email Marketing in 2 Days

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This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to create effective email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp. By the end of this intensive 2 days programme, you will know how to grow an email list, design effective templates that people want to read and be able to successfully automate your campaigns. You will also learn how to measure the success of your campaigns and understand how to maximise their performance using A/B testing and email marketing best practices.

Professional diploma in digital marketing

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Who should attend

Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing professionals looking to take their email marketing skills to the next level.

Business Owners
Business owners hoping to expand or improve their email marketing efforts to improve customer engagement and drive sales growth.

People who have an interest in…

Anyone wanting to learn how to create effective email marketing campaigns, be it for their career or as a hobby.


During this course you will learn everything you need to build an email marketing campaign from scratch so previous experience is not required.

The only prerequisite to this course is an interest in email marketing and a strong willingness to learn new skills over an intensive weekend programme.

Whether you are a complete beginner, someone who already knows a little and wants to learn more, or a business owner hoping to improve your email marketing skills, completing this course will open new doors and boost your career or business.


We strongly believe interaction with a qualified instructor is essential when learning new skills. That’s why this course is classroom-based with training delivered over two days.


There is no formal exam but on successful completion of this course you will have built an email campaign from scratch and be able to make ongoing changes that are in line with the best practices.

Module Overview

Email marketing best practice
During this module you learn the recommended techniques to get the best out of your email marketing campaigns.
How to develop an email strategy
This module will provide you with an understanding of different elements you need to consider when planning a campaign.
How to grow email lists
During this module you will learn about the different way to grow and maintain a thriving email list.
Design an email using Mailchimp
During this module you will learn how to create an effective email template on MailChimp that people want to read and won’t end up in their junk folder.
Set up a real email campaign using Mailchimp
You will now gain hands-on experience in creating your owm campaign on MailChimp from start to finish, taking advantage of the various features and tools available to you.
During this module you will learn how to track the performance of your campaign before taking relevant action.
A/B testing
This module has been designed to show you how to test different aspects of your email campaign in order to maximise its performance.
Set up email automation rules/journeys using Mailchimp
On completion of this module you will know how to automate an email series in MailChimp by setting triggers based on different user actions.
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