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At 360 GSP, various range of hi-tech equipment is available for students to help their study during your course.

Stuidy Facilities From 360 GSP

 As a leading educational institute for Information Technology, 360 GSP has invested in state-of-art equipment and software that is relevant in the current industry standard. We firmly believe that having access to these equipment and students ability to have hands-on exercises to these real equipment and environment help students to not only help understanding their study topics but also increase their employability.

For students who wish to have distance learning, online-learning facility is also available on request.

360 GSP eLearning Centre provides unique learning experience for students to study at your own pace, and it is facilitated with full-time online support technicians via a online chat system.

Our facility is available for students to use any times during your study and we are open 7 days a week, so you can come in to 360 GSP any time and use equipment and facility to catch up your study, revise topics or experiment things you are curious. If you need assistance during your lab exercise, lab assistants are always available to help.

Each classroom are equipped high-spec PCs with relevant operating systems for your study. The typical classroom computer setup is

  • Dual Operating Systems(Windows 7 for general use, and Windows 2012 for Lab purpose)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Reader
  • Firefox
  • VMware Player or Hyper-V
  • 16GB RAM
  • Quad Core processor (AMD or Intel)

All classrooms are fully air-conditioned, and fitted with Projector for presentation. Full Wi-Fi coverage across college campus for students internet access with high-speed leased line Internet.

Course classroom
Training Classroom PCs
Desktops in classroom

To aid student lab exercises, wide range of specialised equipment are available for students to use. Few examples of equipment and software that is available for students

  • Cisco 3700 Routers
  • Cisco 2800 Routers
  • Cisco 2600 Routers
  • Cisco 2500 Routers
  • Cisco 1800 Routers
  • Cisco Catalyst 3750 Switches
  • Cisco Catalyst 3650 Switches
  • Cisco Catalyst 3550 Switches
  • Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switches
  • Cisco ASA 5510 Firewalls
  • Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Points
  • Cisco IP Phones
  • Various Microsoft Operating System Software for Lab Purpose
  • Various Microsoft Software for Lab Purpose
  • Dell 2950 PowerEdge Server
  • Dell R710 PowerEdge Server
  • VMware vSphere
  • Check Point
server and administrators

360 GSP is an authorised Pearson VUE exam centre, so that you can take your certification exam with us.

Career support is available for student during and after study, with our experienced career advisors to help you start or progress your career to the right direction.


We tailor-make packages to match the requirements of candidates and companies to incorporate practical hands-on training and online learning to suit your needs. Customised packages offer flexibility and support when required.