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Job Placement Programme

Are you looking for a job in the IT industry but finding it difficult?

Over the past decade we’ve trained nearly 8000 IT professionals and placed more than 800 people into employment with companies including IBM, BT, ATT, RBS, the NHS, John Lewis, Visa, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, the Bank of England and many other leading bluechip companies.

With all of our “guaranteed employment programmes” you will acquire the hands-on practical experience you need to apply the knowledge you learn in professional real-world enterprise environments. As part of your training you will have the opportunity to gain work experience to help build your CV and references and this will ensure that when you walk into job interviews you will be feeling happy and confident.

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"By 2020, the digital universe will be 44 times its size in 2009. Managing this explosive data growth has become the number-one challenge for IT organizations worldwide. - EMC"


Here at 360 GSP College, we offer complete job placement programmes which have well over 10 years proven track record. These programmes are offered through customized course bundles which incorporates:

  • Training Delivered by fully qualified and industry experienced Trainers
  • Full Hands on Training on Real Technologies (no Simulators)
  • Real and most importantly relevant work experience (not tea coffee making exercise)
  • Soft Skills Training (Technical and HR interview preparation)
  • Professional CV with references to back the work experience
  • Using the network of IT Professionals and recruitment agents, arranging interviews
cloud and virtual servers

Our Job placement programmes are a collection of certification training from Microsoft, Cisco, Check Point, VMware, EMC, Citrix and ITIL . A one to one consultation is given to each Candidate before enrolment to ensure they chose the right Job Package which is in line with their Academic back ground, any previous experience and IT skills. What makes our job packages unique for individuals looking to get into the ever growing and lucrative IT Industry:

  • We don’t offer one solution fits all approach, we offer customized course bundles tailored for each individual
  • Full Hands on training with emphasis on real world scenarios not just passing the certification exam
  • 7 days a week Lab access to get Full Hands on experience on latest Hardware/Software
  • Networking Events are held on a monthly basis which gives candidates a chance to meet previous success stories of 360 GSP College
  • Guaranteed pass, which allows candidates to take retakes if they are not successful at 1st attempt
  • One to one sessions if and when required to give candidates extra support
  • On Site exam center open 7 days a week for our students to take exam

Our qualified team of recruiters will work with candidates in all aspects of their job placement, from finding work experience to finding a new job. 360 GSP College significantly improves chances of getting the best possible IT role by liaising with potential employers, developing CV and not to forget offering insight into the interview process, communication and presentation skills.

Server and Server Administrator

Which track is right for me?

If you are coming completely new to the industry and have no prior knowledge or skills in IT then our Desktop / 1st Line Support Programme is going to be the track most suitable for you. If you have some knowledge and or experience in IT, perhaps you’ve built your own computer and installed windows before, then our Server / 2nd line support / Network Engineer programme will be the most suitable for you.

What is desktop / 1st line support?

First line support normally involves dealing with customers, clients or employees directly to resolve their issues. Normally the issues are fairly basic. Typical issues will include printers not working, computers not turning on or not connecting to the network and around half of all problems will only take a few minutes to troubleshoot and fix.

Course duration: approximately 3 months.

chart of the salary of 1st line desktop support

What is Server / 2nd line support?

Second line support should take over a support request once it has been established there is a problem with the supported 'system' and it is not to do with user training, user environment, etc. Second line support will liaise with third line support for any highly technical issues. Second line support is usually the middle-man between first line and third line. On this track you will cover Microsoft Server Administrator, Active Directory and configuring Microsoft networks, as well as the fundamentals of network engineering and could computing. Typical issues will include installing, configuring and supporting servers, networking equipment such as routers and switches, and virtual machines delivering could services.

Course duration: approximately 6 months.

Chart of the average salary of 2nd line server support


Joining our work placement programme and getting a job in IT is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Get trained
  • Get interviewed
  • Get full-time permanent well-paid employment

There is a big difference between teaching people how to pass an exam vs. how to apply knowledge in the real world. While it is possible to pass exams without proper training, unfortunately many think that just passing the exam is all that’s needed to get a job and then wonder why when it comes to interview time they don’t have much luck.

The answer is simple. It’s an interviewer’s job to assess, not if you know how to pass a test, but if you know how to apply the knowledge you learned in the real world. If you don’t then they are going to be able and you’re not going to have much luck in landing a job.

Having trained and placed more than 800 people into jobs with companies included BT, Rackspace, Amazon, Cable and Wireless and many other leading blue chip firms we know exactly what employers and looking for. We are so confident that if we can’t place a candidate into an entry level IT position once you’ve finished your course… we’ll give you a full refund for your training. It really is as simple as that.

How long does the training take?

We have several different career path options for you to choose from. These options are dependent on two things:

  • your current level of knowledge and experience
  • the job your seeking to gain once you have completed your training.

Depending on the track you choose the training can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months on average to complete.

How long does it take to get into a job once I have completed my training?

On average it takes anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. It could take less, it could take more, but on average it takes around 4 weeks.

What happens if I don’t get a job?

Don’t worry, we’re here to get you into employment and that’s what we’re good at. However we do offer the assurance of guaranteeing employment or your money back, so if we were not able to place you into employment within 90 days of finishing your course we would give you a refund.


We tailor-make packages to match the requirements of candidates and companies to incorporate practical hands-on training and online learning to suit your needs. Customised packages offer flexibility and support when required.