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Software Developer salary guide: How much do they earn?

Talented developers continue to be in high demand with tech companies always on the lookout for individuals who can create software, fix bugs and generally keep up with what’s trending in code. Those possessing the relevant skills and experience are consequently well compensated for their work as employers fight to attract the best talent. Six figure salaries are not uncommon, especially if you are an experienced developer working for one of the industry’s major players. So read on as we dig deeper into software developer salary trends and you may just decide that it is the career for you.

What determines developer salary levels?

A developer’s salary will naturally depend on a number of factors. This includes location, education, experience, and the type of work they are doing. Stack Overflow’s salary survey, for example, indicated that developers in London earn over 20% more than those based in the rest of the UK. The C# Programming Language is said to be the most popular skill for a software developer, commanding a median salary of £30,000. JavaScript (£30,000), .NET (£31,000) and ASP.NET (£30,000) also make their list of in-demand frameworks.

In particular developers working in DevOps were found to be the highest earners. These are the people who work alongside software developers, system operators and other IT professionals to oversee code releases. But you don’t need to be a DevOps engineer to make a decent living out of programming. The same survey found that compensation for software developers is on the rise in general. According to their research, developer salaries in 2018 were, on average, 25% up on the previous year.

How do developer salary levels increase with experience?

No matter what path you choose or how you decide to specialise, it is an industry with considerable earning potential – even in entry level positions. According to salary website Payscale, a software developer with less than five years of experience can expect to earn an average of £29,000 per year. Such are the opportunities for professional growth, core developers are said to be able to command an annual salary of around £40,000 within ten years of starting their professional career.

From that point forward, money-wise, to some extent the sky’s the limit for a developer with a portfolio of successfully completed projects, especially once they start to specialise in key areas. Software applications now regularly outsell music and movies, making their creators millions in the process.

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