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At 360GSP, our philosophy is "value creation" for our customers. Therefore, we create solutions that are flexible, scalable and robust. We are a technology neutral and customer focused.

At 360GSP, our philosophy is "value creation" for our customers. Therefore, we create solutions that are flexible, scalable and robust. We are a technology neutral and customer focused. Why not invest in a new strategic business partnership now with 360GSP and tap into our wealth of IT expertise and business consulting. Choose from a wide range of solutions for help with your IT deployment, network maintenance and business processes.

Network Infrastructure

If you are thinking about upgrading your network, call 360GSP today and find out what you can do with your network.

SMBs can benefit from ISR (Integrated Service Router) solution. ISR is one device to meet all SMBs Network requirements, so it can be a router, switch, firewall and VPN termination point, Call-Management and Voice messaging all in one platform.

This will simplify the network management, and reduce the cost by having number of network devices.

Thoroughly designed and implemented networks has greater capability, scalability and flexibility. If the Initial Network foundation is solid, not only the "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) will be less but also additional components can be added without a major up grade.

For example if you want to add VoIP (Voice over IP) to your network at a later stage, your network should be able handle delay-sensitive network traffic. Often small businesses do not put much consideration initially in the implementation of the network, which results in increase in TCO as the network requires constant updates when a new technology is introduced or company cannot implement new technology because the network does not support new technology.

With our solution, we aim to design the network with future scalability in mind. This does not mean that you need to have costly solution; intelligent networks can be implemented cost-effectively through our Initial assesment which identify exactly what your business needs. We belive the network should be uniquely  custom-made to each business. Call Us now to find out more.

Network Security

"The good thing about the Internet is that everything is connected, and the bad thing about the Internet is that everything is connected. "
- Vinton Cerf, The father of the Internet

Network Security can be tricky business, 360GSP can help you find the right solution to your needs from Anti-Virus Solution to Intrusion Prevension System. Our solutions are cost-effective without compromising, so any size of business can benefit from our Security Solution.

360GSP can help you in

  • Understanding what is required to secure your network
  • Designing the appropriate security architecture for your network.
  • Recommending the right components required for securing your network
  • Monitoring and managing your security set- up around the clock, since hackers have been found to be notoriously nocturnal.

The industry trend of Network Security is UTM (Unified Threat Management). UTM is essentially the firewall with all other security features in one device. This is a great utility for SME customers, because you do not need to have many devices in your network. One device does everthing.

Common feature that comes with UTM are

  • Network Firewall
  • Anti-Virus
  • URL filtering
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Anti-Phishing
  • IPS (Intrusion Prevension System)
  • VPN

Unified Communications

360 GSP Unified Communications (UC) Solutions enables SMBs Communications (Telephone, Email, FAX) to Integrate into a single identity and network. Unified communications solutions can save time and help control costs, while improving productivity and competitiveness:

  • In a 2005 Sage Research study, 86% of companies using unified communications reported that productivity benefits have grown.
  • More than 60% reported savings of three or more hours per week for each mobile worker.

With Unified Communications, all SMBs Communications such as emails, Voice/Video messages, Fax, Conferencing are integrated into one Network, so you can receive your voicemail and Fax via email, Conference Voice and Video Calls Through your PC/Laptop and much more.

Having a single Network means that Businesses eliminate multiple communication enviornments and vendors (such as one company IT Support, Another to manage Telephone and Internet and another to manage other aspects like CCTV). With Unified Communications, everything is united in to single platform of IP.

In nutshell, Unified Communication is NOT new technology, NOT new product. It is a new concept of communication, which simplifies the way we communicate

So Unified Communication is for you to work smart and efficiently. Call Us Today see how Unified Communications can help your business increase efficieny and reduce cost. 


Whether you are looking for classroom based training for an individual certification or one of our exclusive Job Guarantee Programmes, we can tailor-make a programme to suit your exact needs. Enquire with us today to find out more about all of your packages, promotions and available start dates.



“Virtualization is about the delivery of experience without reliance on the physical resource. A flight simulator, for example, delivers the experience of the flight to trainee pilots without the need of them to physically flying a plane. Application virtualization provides the experience of a desk application to user without the need for it to physically sit on their PC, laptop, PDA or other personal device. With the applications housed on a central server, only a virtual interface is sent over the network to the user”. - Chris Mayers Chief Security architect at Citrix *

Over the next few years, organization will move towards the automation of their IT Management. Businesses will no longer need to invest in installing applications on per device (PC, Laptop, PDAs etc) basis, rather then centralizing applications for better IT management, reduce cost and over heads and provide both office based and remote workers the flexibility to use applications on demand basis.

360 GSP’s Virtualization is not limited to Applications only, PCs and Server Virtualization is also part of our portfolio. Consolidating Multiple Servers into one is not only cost effective (both in terms of Licenses and running support cost as a Business will only pay for support of one server) but also very efficient which increases the overall productivity of SME business continuation.

*Network Computing MagazineJan/Feb 2008 Vol 17 NO 01