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What is a developer and what do they do?

Have you ever played the latest video game or used your favourite mobile app and wondered how it was created? Because a software developer is responsible for bringing these ideas to life. And they are in increasingly high demand as companies of all shapes and sizes seek to deliver a truly engaging digital experience. Many people are consequently starting to explore programming as a potential career option – and with good reason. It is an industry with endless opportunities and considerable earning potential, even in entry level positions.

But what exactly does a career as a developer entail?

Coding has been a buzzword in the technology industry for quite some time now and you could be forgiven for thinking that is all a developer does. However it is not that simple. More than sit in a dark room and write code all day, a developer can be involved in everything from the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems.

Front-end developer

Some developers will specialise in front-end development. These roles rely on a creative eye to build a mobile app, piece of wearable tech or whatever it may be that not only runs smoothly but is also visually appealing, reusable and accessible. For this reason, frontend developers can often come from a design background.

Back-end developer

A back-end developer meanwhile, focuses less on how a website or mobile app looks and more on how it operates. They help take a project from conception to completion by providing the architectural structure for the front-end. But developers cannot spend all of their time designing and implementing new features.

Unfortunately there will always be bugs that need to be fixed to ensure things run well behind the scenes. Aspiring developers therefore need to be prepared for the challenge of fixing bugs and resolving technical issues, which requires patience as well as a strong attention to detail.

Junior developer

As you have probably guessed by now, developing any kind of digital product or service is very much a collaborative activity that often involves working as part of a team. You can expect to work alongside designers, project managers and other developers to successfully bring a digital vision to life.

Those hoping to carve out a career in programming commonly start out as a Junior Developer. This typically involves writing simple scripts in order to gain a preliminary understanding of the software development lifecycle.

What next?

If this sounds good to you, our Junior Developer Job Package is designed to provide all the knowledge and skills necessary to launch a coding career in the shortest possible time.

It includes project-based certification training from Microsoft as well as covering essential industry skills such as collaborative software and ticketing systems. You will also work closely with the in-house recruitment team on CV building and interview preparation before being presented to our network of employers, perfectly placed to land your first role in the industry.

If you are interested in our Junior Developer programme, please give us a call on 020 3965 1966. A career advisor will be happy to answer your questions, explain the 360 GSP Job Package and help you begin an exciting new career.

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